My children are so VERY VERY VERY VERY excited that it’s finally warm enough for them to get into a pool. Over the weekend, we had a family graduation party and Natalie woke up SCREAMING, “THEY HAVE A POOL! LET’S BRING OUR SUITS.”

I wasn’t entirely sure if her cousins would have their pool opened so soon in the season, so I was trying to manage expectations. The second we walked in and they saw their cousins splashing around – it was all over. The clothes came off and the suits came on.

This house also has a mini aquarium in the basement. Turtles, snakes, fish, iguanas, snails and about a half more dozen types of animals all in their separate containers. It was out of control! The kids were able to bring out some snails. Natalie was in her glory.






My daughter tried to get me to snap a pic of her underwater. It didn’t work out but she said it was ok because she wanted to remember that day forever and it would still help.

I didn’t go in because it was COLD. I had a sweater on!!! And 9 kids were splashing around like it was a 100 degree day. Kids truly are so resilient.

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