The young truly are so very innocent. My son does a BA-BILLION sports clinics during the week. It’s almost ridiculous. We priced it out and I think Bill and I will save about $5K once Liam goes to public school full time next year. Between his nursery school and all these activities…

Anyway, at the end of each of his classes, he and his best bud head on over to this shooting game and “play”. Mind you we never give them quarters… but they think they are actually playing the game. I think I have about 2 more months of this before they figure it out. It’s the funniest thing EVER. But it’s also the cutest thing because it still shows how young these little minds are.

They RACE over, grab their seats and begin to talk strategy. “You take this side and I will get the back.” All of the parents sort of watch them with a smile. I know this age will slip through my fingertips soon enough. Trying to live in the moment and log the memory.

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