I don’t talk about it much online, but I am NOT a reality show fan. The only one I really enjoy is The Rachel Zoe Project. I SWEAT her – hands down. I’ve had 3 opportunities to meet her and none of them have worked out. One of these days… one of these days.

Anyway, last night I was watching Iron Man 2 while my hubby was out with friends playing paddle and I just couldn’t get into it. I’ve seen it already and I’m not one to repeat films (unless they are from the 80s – then all bets are off). I was scanning through and found NOTHING. Eventually, I landed on ‘America’s Got Talent’ because I wanted to see how Howard was doing as a judge. I listened to him religiously for YEARS until he made the move off of free radio.

As soon as AGT ended, this new show came on. It looked like ‘Survivor’ meets ‘The Bachelor’. The intro had me hooked because they were putting these women in snake pits as part of some challenge. I got nauseous just thinking about it. I would NEVER WIN ONE OF THESE SHOWS. I would just quit. Seriously. But while these little things were freaking out – they still did it!!! And that intrigued me.

So, I stayed put and watched the whole thing.

‘Love in the Wild’ was pretty good. At least there are activities to do – it’s not just women crying over falling in love after an hour. To me, it’s more entertaining. So, I DVR’d it. And I’ve loved Jenny since she was on MTV – so I think I’m going to stick around for a while.

My friend Audrey is so proud of me. She is the complete opposite – she LIVES for Bravo. LOL!

Did you check out ‘Love in the Wild’ last night on NBC? What did you think?

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