I had another golf lesson today. Again – I have calluses all over my left hand. SO GROSS! I can’t imagine what men who golf each weekend feel like!!!

Anyway, I did OK. More times than not I didn’t connect with the ball. I dug a whole … a rather large one. If golfing was digging a hole, I would be pro by now. LOL! But again – had a lot of fun. The instructor gave me an oversized driver and made me use a tee. When we made the switch I was able to really connect. The furthest I got was 160 yards and it looked good! I was so happy!!

Make no mistake though – this week’s lesson was bad business. I’m missing the next two Thursdays because I’m going away. So, the instructor said for me to call the club and get a private lesson with him instead. Super excited about that!!!

After we finished, two of my friends and I walked out into the parking lot and we just started chatting about life. Things that are happening with our children, the struggles most moms feel, and our new found love for the game. Well, it was SO NICE. We spoke for about 20 minutes or so and I’m so happy we had the time. I never really spent a lot of time with one of them – so it was a pleasure.

I think moms should pencil in friend time at least twice a week. We run around ALL day like crazy people. We work. We cook. We clean. We have our own nonsense to deal with. We need these breaks! Truly.

Even the golf, tennis and ukulele lessons I take. They are FORCED BREAKS. I know no one sees it that way – but it’s true. It’s during those moments that I am not allowed to work and I SO LOOK FORWARD TO THEM.

Do you meet up with your friends on a weekly basis?? Will you start?

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