I can’t keep up. One day I’m wrapped in a sweater. The next I’m walking around in a tank top and flip flops. The morning I’m cozy in layers but by the afternoon I’m ripping off my clothes feeling like I’m going through menopause.

What is up with this year’s weather? I get that May is always an iffy month. When I went to school in Albany, it snowed on Mother’s Day three years in a row. I will never forget that. But it’s June Mother Nature. It’s time to let it go and to give up. Let the summer unfold already!

I wake up in the morning and have no idea what to wear. Even when I step outside to feel the temperature – it only gives me an accurate outfit for a few hours. I just came back from a quick supermarket run and am hot from head to toe. Stretch pants and a tank top with a cardigan. Had to jump in the shower to correct myself.

Where do you live? Are you having this sort of weather as well?

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