I have been out of commission for the last 6 months. Work grabbed me in a headlock and didn’t let go until recently. I SO look forward to the summer each year because I really SLOW IT DOWN. Proof is in the pudding and it’s been great the last few weeks. I’ve been seeing friends again, my poor children have been actually going on play dates… it’s been really truly wonderful.

Yesterday, I decided to have some friends over for a pizza dinner. But we all have multiple children – so it was c-r-a-z-y. LOL! And you know I whipped my mixer out! LOL

18 kids in all. It was like a freaking birthday party! We were joking that we should just celebrate Natalie’s bday (which is in a week) and then I should cancel her real celebration. I WAS TEMPTED!!!  Sorry for the creepy smudged faces, but I don’t have permission from my friends to show pics of their kids online. I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes.

My house isn’t big enough to manage all these kids. SO they just stayed outside and played. It was SO NICE. We kept looking out to check but there was no need. They were running, and jumping and hiding… just like old times. Nothing was plugged in. There were no TVs or DS games. It was just outdoors fun.

I am so looking forward to summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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