Over the weekend, we had Natalie’s birthday party. It was a girl only birthday bash – so we kept it small. Liam was allowed to invite two friends so he could have a good time during the party and they did. It was so CUTE!


I hardly hung out with my friends because I was running around taking pictures of everything – but I did have a chance to snap a shot or two. 🙂



This is the one reason why Natalie chose this birthday spot. They let the birthday girl swing around. I’ve been hearing about this for a year. NO JOKE! They even let Liam have a chance which was really nice. He wouldn’t flip though – my little man. 🙂


The kids ran around like animals. It was a nice indoor space but it stunk! I don’t know – all I kept smelling was dirty socks. EWWW


It’s crazy that she is going to be 7. Cr-azy!! I can’t handle it! Even Liam – he’s going to be 5. I mean where did the time go?


I was a little lax with this party. All I did was buy the party favors. Even the cake – it came from the place. It wasn’t personalized in any way but she didn’t care. I think parents put too many expectations on themselves. I was a little upset I didn’t get her a princess cake… but then I saw that she didn’t care and I let it go.


We went home and opened up the presents. Lots of jewelry making / craft presents. She was in her glory.


And then she saw this science kit and ripped it wide open. Before I knew it there was olive oil and water all over our floor. LOL! It’s all good  – they were happy campers.

One down – one to go. My kids’ birthdays are SO CLOSE to one another. This month is always so crazy!

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