I had SUCH A GREAT DAY with my kids yesterday. Liam is no longer in a ba-billion after school sports clinics. They’ve all ended. This means that we come home, have lunch, and go play outside.

I decided to wash one of our cars with him while Bill did some worked. We SCRUBBED this car for 2 HOURS. Well, ok. Maybe it was more like an hour but still – I don’t think we EVER washed it before and we’ve owned it for at least 5 years. I’m not kidding.

Our other car needs some work done so we are going to have to hand it over to a mechanic for a few days. I thought it was time to give this second one a good cleaning.

After that, we just played outside. Frisbee – chalk – bikes – baseball. Anything and everything. It was such a great day. When Natalie got out of school, we stayed behind and dug in the dirt. Then my next door neighbor came over with her two boys and they played for hours while we chatted the afternoon away.

Liam wanted me to draw Mario from Super Mario Brothers for him because he was wearing it on his shirt. I couldn’t resist. While I was down there, I realized I was taking this much more seriously than I should be. Chalk art is fun!! LOL

Sometimes it’s good to be a kid again.

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