I know I’ve said this a million times – but I really do love blogging because of all the connections it provides. The woman that are surrounding me in this picture are from all around the country. Nashville, Oklahoma City, Pennsylvania, Chicago and Rhode Island… how fun is that?

CVS invited this group (along with about 20 other women) to Rhode Island to visit their corporate offices and talk shop. Last night, we had the opportunity to dine at the Dorrance. The restaurant was beautiful! It was formally a bank (built in 1901). I spent more time looking at the ornate details around the location than anything else. Buildings just aren’t made that way anymore.

Anyway, Audrey and I caught up with lots of friends and it was a real treat. We laughed, we ate and we walked home in the rain. What a perfect evening.

Audrey and I didn’t’ realize that we were both in blue until we saw this pic. We did a lot of work that afternoon – so the dinner was much needed.

And we even had a chance to hang out with Miss Cissy.

Can’t wait to see what today brings.

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