I spent some time in Rhode Island with CVS this week. They wanted to unveil their new website as well as give us a sneak peek at an organic chocolate line that is set to launch later this year. The room was filled with bloggers that I knew and loved. It’s always so nice to meet up with old friends.



Here are the logos in case you wanted to check any out.


The building has a mock CVS built in so the group could test out new layouts and designs. We walked around and saw some new features due out this year.


Like this fab nail station! I can’t WAIT for this display to hit the stores.


(M&M white chocolate candy corn)


(ZzzQuil – nighttime sleep-aid)


(Katy Perry lashes)





We also got to see some new products. Katy Perry eyelashes? Yes please. You know I’m going to try those out once they officially hit the floor.


And then… I met… Cindy from Living Rich with Coupons. You KNOW that I love this girl. YOU KNOW IT! I saw her logo on the wall and almost fell on the floor. Walked right over to the group and said, “Who owns ‘Living Rich with Coupons?”

She raised her hand and I literally bowed down. Low. She laughed but I was dead serious. I’m obsessed with that site.

As soon as the new CVS site launches, I will give you a detailed overview – including the new flash deals section and the amazing upgrades to the pharmacy section. It’s due out tomorrow! Can’t wait

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