Boy! I thought I really enjoyed ‘A Time To Love’ but… this one was SO MUCH BETTER. Ok so, they are very different. One was about love and the other was… just awesome.

Last night, my husband went out with friends to smoke cigars (gag me) and I had a few hours alone. I decided to spend it finishing ‘Sweet Release (Kenleigh/Blakewell Family Saga)‘. This book was free during the first week of June. It is now $2.99 but I am sure it will circle back to being free again and soon. Keep checking!

It was regarded as a romance novel, but the base storyline is so intense. I don’t want to give too much away but here’s a quick synopsis: A man was kidnapped in London and sold to slavery on a ship headed towards Virginia. He suffered a massive illness and was near death by the time the crew hit shore. A woman found pity on him and purchases him to help with her estate. Once he comes around, he learns people think he is a convict with a different name. How can he prove that he isn’t this criminal when his documents label him as so??!? LOTS of twists, sub-storylines, steamy scenes. It was a great read.

Here’s the description from Amazon:

For five pounds sterling, the convict was hers. Though Cassie hated the slave trade, her Virginia plantation demanded the labor, and she knew this fevered man would surely die if she left him. But as his wounds healed, and as his muscled chest bronzed from the sun, Cassie realized Cole Braden was far more dangerous than his papers had indicated–for he could steal her breath with a glance, or lay siege to her senses with a touch.

Abducted, beaten, and given a new name, Alec Kenleigh went from master of an English shipbuilding empire to fourteen years of indentured servitude in the American colonies. There, he was known as Cole Braden, a convicted ravisher and defiler of women. While he longed to ravish the auburn-haired beauty who owned him, he knew his one hope of earning her love–and his freedom–was to prove his true identity. Only then could he turn the tables and obtain his … Sweet Release.

Keep an eye on this one. I really enjoyed it.

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