Today is going to be a lot of fun. Not only am I going to attend a Mets game with friends… but I’m going to watch REO Speedwagon in concert once it’s all over. How exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m not sure of all the details yet because it was all so very last minute – but I’m excited either way. Last time the family went to Citi Field, my little one met John Franco. Bill took Liam – so I missed that one.
Many moons ago, I was invited for a blogger tour through Citi Field and once again brought along my family. Looking at these pictures almost made me tear up. My babies were so small!! This time it’s adults only, so it will be an entirely different experience. Hopefully, I can snap a few shots of REO in concert. Not sure how far I will be from the stage though????

Are you a baseball fan? I was as a child. I lived in Queens in the 80s – you better believe my mother took me to Shea OFTEN. I would sit there with my book and keep track of the game – marking down every action like it was my job. Today, I’m sure I will be much more lax. 🙂

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