Over the weekend, some friends and I headed on over to Citi Field to watch a Mets game. This summer, the team is offering a handful of concerts with ticket admission. On Friday, REO Speedwagon took the stage. Good times. Good times.


I’m not really big into sports. I was really going just to hang out at the stadium with friends. I ate like it was my job – scarfing down Blue Smoke ribs, Shake Shack cheeseburgers and Carvel Ice Cream. Oh so bad… but oh so good.



The Mets lost. The game was borderline embarrassing to watch but again – it was worth the trip out. When it ended, upper deck ticket holders were told to head down for better seats. We randomly found a row and got comfortable.

Well, while we were watching the concert, we saw this man dancing his little drunk heart away. I began to watch him more than the concert. At some point, we all decided to run down and dance with him. It was hilarious!!! But it was SO FUN! I want to hang with that guy!! Seriously – he is probably always the life of the party.

And here is ‘I Can’t Fight This Feeling Anymore’ in case you wanted to see it. REO Speedwagon sounded GREAT!! What a concert!


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