Borderline embarrassing to admit this… but it’s true. When I moved into my house a few years back, I had my gardener rip up every last flower that the previous owners planted. Not only am I allergic to pollen – but I am DEATHLY AFRAID OF BEES. You don’t want to be near me if one is flying by. I have no qualms causing a scene. In fact, I can’t stop it even if I wanted to. My body just FR-EAKS out and catapults into “flight” mode. Feel sorry for my husband. I’ve shamed him on more than one occasion. 🙂

So, my green thumb is black. Yes, it’s true. HOWEVER – I still want a green house. Bill is fighting me on this but I have a feeling eventually I will wear him out. He doesn’t want to take up any of our backyard space. I keep telling him it won’t be noticeable… but he is insisting otherwise. UGH.

Maybe there’s hope for my thumbs yet.

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