I’m spending a few days in Nantucket with Audrey on a press trip for a dozen writers or so. It’s one that I look forward each and every year. While on my Delta flight this morning, I noticed that we were parked on the runway for quite some time. There was a point where I assumed we were up in the air… that’s how long we were waiting. Then I looked out the window and saw this – at least a dozen cop cars, an ambulence, and a fire truck. WHAT? All of a sudden, the captain told us that our left wing wass smoking and JFK wanted to be sure it was nothing before giving us the OK to leave the runway.

Um… is this happening?

So, I sat there debating. Do I stay on the plane? Or do I get off and miss my trip? No one else was concerned so I went with the flow. Luckily, everything turned out ok. But BOY – what a way to start a morning. No need for caffeine for breakfast!! My adrenaline was pumping. 🙂

Thankfully, we arrived just fine. I’m sitting with my friends, catching up on emails before our sessions begin. Figured I’d post this picture to freak my mother out a bit. 🙂 You know how she likes to keep up with me through my blog.

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