At 7, you’d think that Natalie would ask for a doll for her birthday. Nope! She wanted a manicure / pedicure. Believe me, I wasn’t complaining because I needed to go myself. On Sunday, we got up nice and early and headed in for some mother / daughter pampering.

The thing that interests me the most is the fact that Natalie is so opinionated. She knew the colors she wanted. She knew the designs she wanted. And when I tried to voice my opinion… I was told it was unnecessary.

Those chubby little hands. I don’t ever want to forget them. Before I know it, she will be running out with her girlfriends and making her own appointments.

OH AND PS – we both got purple nails. I didn’t notice until after we got home. I always make fun of Bill dressing Liam in the same type of clothing he is in. I picked my purple after she told me about it in the car. I guess it’s human nature. 🙂

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