I think I’ve done about a million videos revolving around my town pool and my deep appreciation for it. Well, this year they did a major upgrade and my kids are in THEIR GLORY. Seriously, we walked in over the weekend and our mouths DROPPED. Natalie and Liam threw their shoes off and dove right in.

All in… we spent about 6 hours at the pool and it’s my intention to do it again this weekend. WOWOWOWOOWOW! I almost want to get in there with them. Almost.

The ONLY BAD THING is the available food selection. It’s all fried and fatty. I wish they offered better options for the kids. I think it will be best to pack a lunch each day. That way I stay in complete control over their diet. 6 days a week of chicken fingers can do a number on a child. And you know I’m not any better!

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