greek yogurt dip sabra cucumber dill

I spent the last few days in Nantucket on a press trip alongside a handful of amazing women. We each had the opportunity to test out a variety of products – all of which I will eventually write about. One stood out in particular… I literally had a dream about Sabra’s greek yogurt dip last night. I ate so much of it for lunch yesterday, that I craved it all night long.



Veggie Dip

Oh my!

Did I mention Guacamole? Someone hand me over some pita before I burst!

greek yogurt dip sabra cucumber dill

The ‘Sabra Veggie Dip: Cucumber and Dill’ isn’t available everywhere yet – at least that’s what I’ve been told. I immediately asked about the NY market and was told it’s coming. So, I’m being very patient. All jokes aside… I am a Greek Food fanatic. I mean, I’m from Astoria for goodness sake. This greek yogurt dip tastes great and extremely convenient. I’ve failed on several occasions while trying to master greek yogurt recipes. It always came out so watery. I don’t think I’m handling the cucumber the right way.

Who cares anymore? This is my new solution. 😉

greek yogurt dip sabra cucumber dill

greek yogurt dip sabra cucumber dill

As you can see in the lower right hand corner of the above picture, you can make a cucumber salad with this Sabra dip. Just dice and mix. Add a little salt and pepper for good measure and serve. I’m all about easy recipes like that!!

To see what other products Sabra has up their sleeve, be sure to visit their website.

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