Tropical Storm Debby has hit Florida and people in New York are feeling the impact. We are expecting tornados, hail, and 12 hours of nonstop rain.

Don’t get me started on bad weather. Remember when Hurricane Irene hit NY last year? I lost my lid doing video after video on how to survive it like it was the apocalypse (see below for all my nonsense).  I woke up this morning and looked out my window. It is POURING! Talk about REACH.

Greatest Chance of Severe: A thunderstorm with winds of 58 mph or greater, 1 inch or larger hair or TORNADOS.

Please… I can’t deal with this. Tropical Storm Debby needs to go East back into the ocean and leave us coastal folks alone.

Here’s a quick video of what it looks and sounds like right now at 9AM. Not SO bad… but we have another 12 hours scheduled of this. Hey! It’s good for the grass right? How is it by your neck of the woods?? Are you feeling the impact of Tropical Storm Debby?

Here are my Hurricane Irene videos just in case you want to see me in panic mode –

Emergency Kit

Hurricane Irene freak out

Stocking up on goods (lots of corn)

A look at where the tornados hit down on Long Island

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