I went food shopping yesterday with the kids and picked up a box of Devil Dogs. They are my all-time favorite snacks (now that Twinkies have gone down the drain). My kids never tried them before and so afte dinner, we each had one. They FREAKING LOVED THEM. I saw them both chomping away and I thought it was the funniest thing because their teeth were brown. I told them both to smile so I can snap a pic.

It was a really great moment.

Of course, two seconds later they asked for another one. It didn’t happen but they made me blood promise that they could have one of these for dessert every third day of the week. That was the agreement we settled on. We don’t have dessert every day in my house. Usually if we do… it’s either fruit or gum. Yes, my kids think gum is dessert. Whatever works!

devil dogs reduced fat

I bought the 40% less fat Devil Dogs (by accident) and they were delicious!!! I couldn’t tell the difference.  SO, if you are in the market for some devil’s food cake, don’t shy away from the reduced fat version.

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