I own several awesome in-house speaker systems. They all work great – no complaints there. Problems arise whenever I try to go out to my backyard or if the kids want to go to the park for a picnic. It’s hard to take your music with you when there aren’t any plugs available.  Sure, you can play music from your iPhone but it’s not really the same. I’m also always nervous about blowing out the speakers. Yes, I like to listen to my music on high.

Well, I was recently introduced to Jawbone and have been jamming outside every since. Here’s the magic…. it’s cordless… and wireless. You know what that means – music anywhere, anytime. HOLLA!

jawbone jambox

As you can see, the Jawbone Jambox is portable. You can throw it in your bag and be on your way. Want more information, click here to visit Jawbone. At $199, this hi-fi audio speaker is just what you need to bring music back into your life.

Looking for something bigger for your house? Yup – Jawbone has those too.

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