I woke up thinking about the 80s this morning. We watched ‘The Smurfs’ last night and the movie really brought me back to my childhood. Then I started remembering how awesome the 80s really were. I mean come on! He-Man and Jem cannot be beat!! For a little fun, I put together this list of gift items perfect for any child of the 80s.

Tetris Pillows

he man eagle hat

He-Man Eagle Hat

banana clip

Banana Clip

pacman atari flower pot

Pacman Atari flower pot

cassette walkman

Cassette Walkman (Ps this puppy is $120!)

gremlins cameo necklace

Gremlins cameo necklace

 jem vs pizzazz art work

Jem vs Pizzazz art

crimper iron

Bed Head Totally Bent Crimper

bon jovi nesting dolls

Bon  Jovi Nesting Dolls

867 5309 earrings

867 5309 earrings

goonies chester copperpot newspaper cover

Goonies Chester Copperpot Newspaper Cover

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