My cousin invited me to lunch the other day and we ended up at Hale and Hearty. For some reason, I just associate soup with this eatery. I’ve been avoiding it all year long because of the unusually warm winter NY had.

Well, I’ve been dreaming about the salad I created every since. I mean… literally looking at my calendar and trying to lock in a date with Bill where we could go there for lunch. Out of control delicious. You can even order it chopped (which I now know is exactly how I want my salad). 🙂 My toppings were:

  • chicken
  • artichokes
  • roasted peppers
  • grapes
  • parmesan cheese
Great – now I’m hungry again!

Do you have a Hale and Hearty near you? I need to get one of those frequent flyer cards because it’s my new favorite spot for lunch.

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