how to bbq meatballs

Every morning, I wake up,  turn my alarm off and open up the front door. It’s a ritual I cannot break. I like to get some fresh air into the house as soon as possible and my screen door does the trick.

Well, at 7AM the air was already thick and muggy. It smacked me in the face and practically choked me to death. UGH! Yes, summer is officially here to stay. The very thought of turning on my oven is too much to handle on a day like this. I’m having friends over later on and thought that it would be best if we just BBQ’d.

There’s a Williams and Sonoma in my mall and something made me check out what new tools they were offering for the summer. Check out this AWESOME meatball grill basket. Did you ever want to know how to grill meatballs? Well, here you go!! The basket is big enough to hold 12 meatballs.

How fun is this? You can BBQ just about anything these days!!

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