keurig vue black tea lemonade

I made a video a while ago about the wonders of my new Keurig Vue. The company made some major enhancements to the system – one of which is a setting specifically designed to brew iced beverages.

Well… little did I know that that setting would save me hundreds (if not thousands of dollars a year). You KNOW that I am a Starbucks fanatic! I get a Trenta Black Tea Lemonade whenever given the chance. Sometimes, I even have two of them in a day which means I can spend at least $9 in 24 hours. Times that by 365 and you are talking MAJOR DOLLARS.

The Keurig Vue has a black tea lemonade pod that tastes GREAT. I bought 5 boxes (yes 5 boxes) last week because I never want to be without my favorite drink. 32 Count – Vue Pack Celestial Seasonings Half and Half Perfect Iced Tea Vue Cup (Black Tea & Lemonade) For Keurig Vue Brewers will run you $31 a box. This means my drink suddenly went down to about $1 a cup.  I could CRY!!!!!

Truth be told – I sometimes add a splash of lemonade to it. Just a splash to make it a tad sweeter. But you might not need that.

If you are looking to save money  – this is the route for you. Over time, you are talking about thousands of dollars saved.

And with the Vue – half of the pod is now recyclable. The center (where the beverage is) pops out and the plastic part can go out with the rest of your recyclables. How wonderful!

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