The strangest things stick with you as a teen. I remember watching ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ (religiously) and there was a scene where Debra (Patricia Heaton) was obsessively slathering lotion on her hands and face while in bed. Ray made a comment about how she would shrivel up and die if she didn’t put that lotion on. It stuck with me. I kept thinking, “why would someone have to put so much lotion on at night? I don’t get it.”

Fast forward 20 years and pass me the bottle!

I guess my 15 year old skin was a bit more moisturized than my 34 year old skin. Who saw that coming, huh?? Damn you Father Time – DAMN YOU!

I always moisturize my hands, arms and feet but I don’t always use foot cream and I think it’s important to do so. I woke up this morning and put my foot cream on my nightstand so I won’t forget tonight. Regular moisturizer is better than nothing – don’t get me wrong. But if you have foot cream- USE IT. It’s much thicker and will really help soften any hard calluses you’ve built up over the week.

Here are a few recommendations:

neutrogena foot cream

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Foot Cream for Dry Rough Feet

eucerin foot cream

Eucerin Dry Skin Therapy Foot Creme, Plus Intensive Repair, 3-Ounce Tubes

udderly smooth foot cream

UDDERLY SMOOTH FOOT CRE JAR Size: 8 OZ (I know you haven’t heard of this one- but it’s great)

philosophy soul owner foot cream

Philosophy Soul Owner Exfoliating Foot Cream,

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