I’m old school. A true child of the 80s. I still watch my favorites whenever I spot them on TV. The Goonies, The Golden Child, Big Trouble in Little China… I can go on and on. I watch them all – over and over again. And this afternoon I had the chance to scare the living daylights out of my kids. So, I took it! We watched Ghostbusters together. As you can see – this was their first scary movie.

We all know it’s not THAT scary – but they’ve never seen anything ghost related and it freaked them out a bit. Well, until they realized that it was all campy fun and then they got into it.


By the end of the film, they were begging to watch it with me again. I’m so happy we got through it. There’s only so much Nickelodeon a girl can take. Isn’t it fun when the family finally starts to enjoy the same TV programming?


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