Things are happening in my backyard. I am well beyond seeding and now need to figure out what to do with all these growing vegetables. My cucumbers are getting a little crazy. I had a feeling they needed some support, so I ran to Barnes and Nobles and did some reading. My husband is going to be very busy today propping up those plants.



Look what I mean  – it’s all so heavy. We have to go out today to get some string and sticks to create a trellis for them to grow on. Otherwise, they will start overtaking the surrounding squares. We can’t have that!




My beans are working their magic too. It’s all very exciting! I’m so happy we took on this project.


Over the weekend, I went to a friend’s house and brought her a TON of fresh herbs. She was really excited – so was I!

I’ve cooked with the herbs already – but not the actual vegetables. When my carrots come in… I think I’m going to cry. 🙂

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