Audrey and I headed into the city yesterday for a meeting and met nice and early so we would have enough time to talk shop. We passed a Dos Caminos and literally waited outside until they opened their doors. We were STARVING and there was no way we were going to pass up their famous guacamole. I mean – come on! There aren’t many restaurants that do it as good as they do.


We almost ordered two bowls – one for each of us – but that would be expensive (and piggy). Instead, we slowly annihilated the bowl.



After lunch, we made it to our meeting and were greeting with this super cool sign in the lobby. LOL! How fun is that? I went up to the receptionist and said, “Hi… We’re Audrey and Vera” and pointed to the board. 🙂

I was home by 3:30 so it wasn’t a crazy busy day, but the kids really missed me. When I got into the car Natalie shouted, “WHERE WERE YOU ALL DAY?!” If only they could understand that I’m not gone that often… That guilt kills me.

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