As you can see, my cucumbers went WILD over the last few weeks. Well, actually – maybe you can’t see them because my bush beans also grew quite a bit. Look all the way to the left of my raised bed. Those oversized leaves that are climbing over the first row of boxes do not belong there. They belong in the second row. I needed to protect my other veggies. So, those cucumbers had to go UP. I ran to my local gardening store and bought the tools I needed to create a trellis.


It was pretty simple. The rope comes this way already. All you have to do is tie it and then cut off the excess. I put ties around each section to be sure – though it wasn’t necessary.


Then you have to wind the cucumber plant in and out of the squares. Eventually, it will continue to grow this way instead of horizontally.


I am just super excited about this whole thing! Truly. I can’t wait to make my first salad with these cucumbers.

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