Got another top ten list for you! A reader emailed me and asked me about my must-have beauty products. I couldn’t resist doing a post! Here are my favorite items – all of which I use on a regular basis.

laura mercier tinted moisturizer

1. Tinted Moisturizer : This is a great product! I use it almost every day. It gives you just enough coverage to take away any redness on your face. But since it’s moisturizer – it doesn’t feel caked on. You don’t feel like you have makeup on at all.  (available here)

2. Primer – If you are a woman over 30, consider adding this step to your makeup routine. It will help set your foundation and keep your makeup on longer. (available here)

3.  Toner: After you wash your face, you need to grab a cotton ball and give it a good swipe with toner. This will help remove any excess soap, bacteria and oil. (available here)

4. Moroccan Oil: I don’t do a THING to my hair unless I put Moroccan Oil in it. It’s important to protect your hair when applying heat. This product will do just that while taming frizz. (available here)

5. Vitamin E: Now, this is the one product that I don’t exactly use. I spent an arm and a leg for the same exact thing at a high end spa. Almost $150! When I got home and broke open the capsule, I realized it was just vitamin E. I was SO ANGRY. When I run out of the capsules, I’m just going to buy regular Vitamin E and apply it to my face every few days. Light coat. (available here)

6. Skinceuticals Blemish plus Age Defense Acne Treatment: This is SO GREAT for acne!!! Seriously – it’s one of the best products I’ve found out there. It really works. End of point. (available online)

7. Calming Mask: You should use a mask at least once a week. It’s important to give back to your skin. Mario Badescu has a wonderful calming mask – just perfect for inflamed / irritated skin. (available here)

8. Eye Cream: Yes ladies. Eye cream! It’s time to start adding this to your routine. Prevage has an amazing line that WORKS. (available here)

9. Great Mascara: CoverGirl LashBlastFusion is all you need for great extension and fullness. There is no reason to spend $50 on mascara – that’s just ridiculous! This is a great product that can be found just about anywhere. (available here)

10. A Great Scrub: Your legs and arms need a good scrub down twice a week. Get rid of all that excess skin and stay smooth with Philosophy. (available here)

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