Almost a year in the making! Getting Gorgeous with CVS Beauty Club is just hours away. The sponsors are setting up. The rooms are coming together. And Audrey and I are… well.. trying to stay calm (to say the least).

We are so HONORED to have such a wonderful group of brands with us this year. CVS (as you know) is a store that I am absolutely OBSESSED with. So, when they signed on as our Title Sponsor… I was elated. I couldn’t have asked for a better partnership.

The hotel is BUZZING. My husband is downstairs literally manning the fort while Audrey and I get ready and do some last minute work on the event.

Thanks to all the brands who are participating:

Diet Pepsi
Easy Closets
Coldwater Creek
Mabel’s Labels
Mom Pulse
How to Train your Dragon
Hand Crafting Justice

Here’s to a smooth event! 🙂

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