LOOK AT THIS! Out of control fantastic! If you have a boy… you have a Power Rangers fan. This season, each of the Super Samurai figures come apart piece by piece. But if you put them together… you get THIS. Liam is going to f-l-i-p out. Truly. Let me show you a few more toys I fell in love with while attending Sweet Suite 2012.



I used to watch Teenage Ninja Turtles many, many moons ago. I’m not going to age myself here … but they weren’t on reruns if you know what I mean. These turtles are here to stay. These new action figures are great.



This was a huge highlight for me. We are Ben 10 fans and are always looking for interactive toys that can occupy our kids. This Ben 10 Omniverse is just that. There are different sayings, light patterns and pop out pieces for your sons to check out.



Baby Cabbage Patch dolls are always adorable. When I was younger, I used to go to the Cabbage Patch store in NYC and watch my doll get hatched out of a Cabbage. I would then name it and take her home. I SO home they bring that concept back. If not – these adorable dolls are good enough!


BATMAN!!! Need I say more!! This model was pretty tall – so COOL!

Want to see what else I came across? Lots of good stuff:



We are OBSESSED with LEGO. I love that a girl version has hit the stores. My daughter has a set and she loves it.




Of course XBox was amazing. Audrey and I had a lot of fun engaging with an Elmo game. We were shaking down a tree trying to get the apples off. LOL







Pony Royale is going to be a HIT in my house. Do you hear me? A HIT. My daughter is obsessed with ponies and these are just so darn cute.


Thanks so much to Cori from Complicated Mama for inviting me to participate.


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