After such a crazy week, the family decided we needed a break. So, we packed up our car and headed out to East Hampton. It was quite a drive as we ended up hitting some traffic towards the end, but well worth it. To see the kids running back and forth to the ocean was a real treat.

Now, Bill and I are typically pool people. So, we aren’t really professional umbrella pushers. I spent the entire afternoon chasing after our two umbrellas. It was downright comical! No one else was having this problem!!!! Finally, I shut one of them because I didn’t have the energy to keep up after both.



We built sandcastles until the seagulls came home! It was a lot of fun. What a different experience going to the beach with kids. When I was younger, I would lay out my towel and sleep for hours or read a book. Yesterday, I was digging holes and forts, collecting seashells and reapplying sunscreen. :O)


At night we headed for some ice cream after a VERY OVERPRICED dinner. I mean – I’m from NYC. I get high priced restaurants, but the one we went to was obnoxious. $6 for a kids juice? $33 for a hamburger? Give me a FR-EA-KI-NG break! I was SO PISSED we ate there – but it was so late and I was so hungry that we decided to stay. Lesson learned though – I will NEVER go there again. The four of us spent $120 (before tip) and Bill had ONE glass of wine. NO APPETIZERS OR DESSERT.


But forgetting about that horrible place (wish I remembered the name) – the kids really loved their ice cream. We went to Scoop du Jur. The line was out the building. Insane! I was too full from dinner to get a cone myself but you know the rest of my family dug right in. LOL! Great night.

But 9:30 we all collapsed.

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