Yesterday morning, I had to get some work done before we headed out. The kids were downstairs quietly staying occupied while Bill was out making a Starbucks run. I would say it was about 7:30AM. Well, once I finished my work, I headed down to be with the kids and there – on the kitchen counter – was this.



The last few days we’ve been in my friend’s house out East. She lent us her home so I could veg out a bit after the chaos that was BlogHer. They didn’t know where anything was… but yet they found everything they needed to create a pitcher of their favorite drink. And I’m not talking the mix kind. I’m talking sugar, lemon juice, water and ice.

The funny thing… it was actually pretty good! LOL

So, the hour I left them to their own devices turned out to be a productive one. 😉 Sort of proud of my babies.

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