As a digital mom, I always need to stay connected. My phone is my camera which means that it must remained powered up should something fun happen with the kids. I wouldn’t want to miss any of those amazing moments because of a dead battery.

Take this weekend for example. I headed to Astoria to see my family. It was your typical Sunday afternoon… but then my mother brought out ice cream. My kids were so excited! How could I resist snapping a shot. If I hadn’t been charging up my phone earlier that day – it would have never happened. I ran out in the morning with half a battery thinking that would be enough to last me until suppertime. Not so much. Damn you Twitter and Facebook… damn you. 🙂

If you are looking for an on-the-go charger – click here to learn more about the one I own from Rayovac. It’s well worth the $10.99 and would make a GREAT stocking stuffer for your tween or teen… or significant other for that matter!

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