We have been having a hard time getting through all of our summer work. Granted, I just started doing workbooks with Natalie THIS WEEK. Yes, I’m a failure as a mom. But I totally forgot! I’m new to this game. My eldest is going to second grade and we never had summer homework before.

Anyway, we do maybe 6 or 7 pages a day of math and then reading. It’s not a TON of work – but she drags.

While at Target, I was looking for a cheap solution and found an entire sticket booklet in the dollar section. They are tiny little things but it’s enough of a reward for my daughter that she has a real interest in completing a page. THANK GOODNESS!

So – here’s a tip parents. Run to your local dollar store and pick up some stickers. It just might be exactly what you need to get your kids rolling.

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