For the last two weeks, we’ve had swimming lessons at our local pool. You have to be 6, so Natalie is the only one taking it. But while she is in “class” Liam gets to hang out with his friends – so it’s a win:win. Anyway, I finally decided to bring my camera to the pool with us yesterday and shot a few frames of the kids attempting to get around under water.

We are just starting folks. LOL!

As long as they are having fun, right?

If I’m being honest – I don’t really know how to swim. I can swim underwater of course and I can swim backwards. But that’s it!!! I think it’s great that the kids are taking lessons so young. I just wish the pool started those lessons at 4 or 5 instead of 6. Liam is so ready! But he has to wait until next summer.

Oh and you get 2 full weeks for $15 total. Sweet deal.

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