Seriously – I can GUARANTEE that you have been in this situation before. If you are like me… it’s every single time you travel early to a resort. You travel all morning, get to your hotel, attempt to check in… and your room isn’t ready. UGH! Well, I have the solution and it’s a really easy one.

I’m working with Kipling this summer and am so excited about the opportunity. The entire family is about to embark on a vacation to Turks and Caicos and we plan on using all Kipling products for our extended stay. The kids are just about to begin packing their in-flight bags. Look out for that video. It’s coming up!

In this first video, the following bags were used:

Kipling ASIENA Silver Grey – retails $71

Kipling Creativity Small Pouch – retails $23.20

Do you have some tips and tricks that you’d like to share with the group? Would love to hear your advice!

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