Honestly – it’s SO QUIET in my house right now! I just can’t believe it. Both kids are officially in full day school. What? Do you mean to tell me I have 6 hours to myself? This is so… bizarre. I don’t know what to do first! πŸ™‚


First we had to walk Natalie to her bus. This is the first year that we’ve qualified for the transportation. Honestly, she wasn’t too thrilled about it. Bill walked her to school … no… actually he gave her a piggy back ride for the last two years and that’s what she was hoping for today. Unfortunately, her new school is much further away and we are no longer able to walk to the building.

So, the bus will have to do.

She didn’t cry. But she was really quiet and I think scared. But I am sure that her fear disappeared once she saw all of her friends. She’s on a great line.

20 minutes later it was Liam’s turn. That boy walked right in with his best friend. Never turned around. That’s a second child for you! He was so so so ready for this!

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