I went to the doctor yesterday and was told something by my OBGYN. Of course, we are a little early in the game to absolutely know for sure – and if I’m being honest – we haven’t even done the sonogram yet that would put all this speculation to an end.

But she said… based on the heartbeat… that this baby is a … BOY. Apparently a heartbeat rate of 156 qualifies as a boy. Again – just a guess.

Funny thing is I think it’s a boy too. But here’s the thing. I’ve been wrong BOTH TIMES with my guesses. I thought Natalie was a boy and Liam a girl. So, I have absolutely no faith in my opinion. LOL

Bill thinks it’s a girl ONLY because I think it’s a boy.

Either way, as long as it’s healthy – I will be happy. But this waiting… it’s killing me. I have a sonogram next week during my 16 week checkup. Perhaps we will be able to get a sneak peek then. Otherwise, one more month to go before my 20 week. All very exciting!

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