We just had a little fun with the Xploderz X2 Mauler 1000 Water Gun. What a name! Truth be told, the kids are still outside playing with the darn thing. They are in love! I’m going to have to get a second one for Natalie.

Product Features

    Includes 1 X2 Mauler 1000
    1 Xploderz ammo clip with 75 ready-to-fire hydrated rounds
    1 Xploderz Ammo Depot (500 round capacity)
    1000 ungrown Xploderz ammo rounds
    Compatible with both Xploderz and Night Fighterz ammo

The X2 Mauler 1000 is available on Amazon.com for $21.

PS – Is it wrong that I don’t stop my children from aiming at their father? I hope not!

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