I don’t eat eggs plain. I stopped a few years back after reading some vegan book. Honestly, don’t want to get into the story – but it is what it is. I’ve brought back every other dairy into my life. But not eggs.

For some reason I’ve been CRAVING the taste of a bacon, egg and cheese on a roll. I figured out that if I order a “grilled cheese with crispy bacon on a roll” it legitimately hits the spot. I think I eat one of these a DAY. It’s so bad but oh so good. Bill just brought one home for me. I am IN MY GLORY. He even ordered one for himself because I made him taste it yesterday and he fell in LOVE.

Out of all the things I could crave…. Why couldn’t I be the girl who craved broccoli?? Damn you bacon. Damn you…

But seriously — TRY THIS! I’ve ordered it “bacon and cheese on a roll” and they don’t melt the cheese. So you have to order it by saying “grilled cheese with bacon on a roll” to truly appreciate all of its wonders.

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