Gunnar Deatherage recently finished his stint on Project Runway Season 10 and he was one of my favorite contestants. I got a chance to ask him my burning questions.

Tell us about yourself.

Well, I’m 22 from Louisville but I grew up in a tiny town called Madison, Indiana. I am self taught and look at fashion as my art. It’s a way to express myself. I am a certified master hairstylist, as well as a personal stylist and makeover consultant!

What inspires you?

Hell, what doesn’t? The world we live in is a fascinating place, ya know? How can you not pull from all that nature has to offer?

How did you find out you got on Project Runway?

I was driving one day and got a call, and they asked me to come back and audition!

What advice do you have for multi-tasking moms when getting dressed?

GIVE YOURSELF THAT TIME! That time is crucial to starting your day. Yes your kids or husband might need you, but you must put yourself first, sometimes. That time in the morning is enough to appreciate yourself, your body and your accomplishments.

Was your mother a huge influence on your life?

My mother is my number one fan and my best friend. She gives me the push I always need and I know I would not be where I’m at without a mother that supported all of my endeavors!

Which celeb mom do you think rocks her style the best?

Sharon Osborne. Come on, the woman is legendary. I love her.

What is one practical item you wished you could have taken on Project Runway but couldn’t?

My little at-home sewing machine. Those big machines are insane. My fingers won’t forget them either. Ha ha!

What trends do you think are going to be HUGE for Fall?

Rich bold colors, khakis, colored denim, darker lips, lighter blush, hair pulled back, all of these will make a statement this fall.

Tell us about your line and where it’s sold.

My line is always daring. The woman who would wear a Deatherage piece has to be confident. If she isnt, I’m sure the piece will make her feel that way! I only do originals. Which isn’t custom, but there is only one of every piece. It makes them art and not merchandise.

Thanks, Gunnar, for talking with us!

Tabitha St. Bernard

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