Maternity Must Haves: 5 Picks For Week 17



Ok gang! Last week, I mostly talked about underwear and loungewear. This week I’m going to focus on a few different things.

First up, loose flowing shirts. The shirt I’m wearing is from Liz Lange for Target and ran me $19! When I first purchased it (many moons ago), I thought I’d wear it for Thanksgiving. Well, why on EARTH would I wait so long? I threw it on last night and paired it with maternity jeggings from Sears.

I made my husband order me the paper daily because I wanted to start doing crossword puzzles on a regular basis. This might not work for you – but I have been told to really slow it down. So, I need things to keep me occupied in my restful state. I don’t really feel like watching 10 hours of television. Remember, my children are now in full time school. I have a lot of free time on my hands. And instead of running around town meeting up with friends and running errands, I’m horizontal. So, I’ve been loving crossword puzzles, because it’s a great way to break up my morning.

Lime. I drink so much water every day and I need a little flavor! So, I’ve invested in a TON of limes. Sometimes I need a little something extra while eating a meal and lemon/limes ensure I’m not drinking extra unnecessary calories throughout the day.

A good message board! Honestly, it’s nice to talk to people who are going through the same exact thing you are. You don’t even have to participate (although it would be better if you did). Even if you wanted to just lurk and see what other pregnant mommies were feeling these days – it would really eases your mind. All those pains, twangs, zings, pulls… they become less nerve racking when you read that all other mommies at 17 weeks are also experiencing the same thing.

I am a Chobani girl normally… but I can’t stand the smell of that yogurt anymore. The pineapple (which was my favorite) literally makes me nauseous these days. I’ve since switched to Fage and am obsessed. I eat one a morning for breakfast. Every flavor but honey. I don’t particularly love the design of the cups because I can never fully get all the fruit out of its compartment – but other than that I am one happy bird.

So, that’s where I am this week. Anything you absolutely need these days if you are also expecting? Would love some tips!!

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