Unfortunately, my little man did not come with me this morning. He is home with a high fever sick. All of a sudden he started vomiting yesterday – OUT OF THE BLUE. Then he started to get very hot. So, he is home today with us and we are taking it nice and easy. He hasn’t thrown up since yesterday afternoon – but we are still on fever watch.

I’m using this pic because it was taken at Trader Joes and I forgot to snap a shot this morning of my food haul. Yes, I totally was going to do that!

I bought 7 bags FILLED with healthy groceries … all for $88. I mean come on! You can’t beat it. This includes milk and meat. Ridiculous!

Anyway, after I dropped my daughter off to the bus stop, I zoomed right over to Trader Joes and was there when the doors opened at 8. I was IN AND OUT in 17 minutes. There was only one other person in the store. It was beautiful. Normally, there are a TON of people and it’s a bit chaotic. But not at this hour.

And you better believe this is my new shopping time. 8AM on the NOSE. Now if you’ll excuse me… I have to figure out what I’m having for lunch because I bought so many YUMMY things. 🙂

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