My husband went to Time to Play last week and got to test out a ton of cool new toys. My bestie – Audrey McClelland – wasn’t able to make it and asked him to check out the Skylander table.

Now, my son has mentioned this game in the past… but I thought nothing of it because I had no idea what it was. I didn’t even know it was for the Xbox 360! I thought it was an action figure.

Between my son’s begging, Audrey’s suggestion (she has 4 boys BTW) and Bill’s preview at Time to Play, I finally broke down and bought the intro pack.

Mind you – this was done for selfish reasons as well. I need to be taking it easy these days and a video game where I can lay on my couch and play with my son sounds just about right to me.

Um… I loved it!!!  I mean… Liam loved it! 🙂

It’s so fun! Basically you have these characters that you can swap in and out throughout the game. There are a TON to purchase but the set comes with 3. I think at a minimum you need to have one from each type of element (water, magic tech, air, etc) in order to 100% complete the game. There is a slight start up cost – but it’s really fun.

The kids did not want to go to bed last night.

While Liam is at school, I’m going to see if I can go back to the first two levels and play his characters a bit more so I can level them up. You know, for him…. not because I really enjoyed the game.

Did I mention I’m a teenage boy at heart? 🙂

I have to do a little search to see what other XBox 360 games are out there that would work for Liam and Natalie (and me). We have 4 controllers so I want to try to get a collective game that we can all play at the same time!!

Does your house play Skylander? If you have a son you should consider it – the holidays are right around the corner!!

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