When I moved away to college, my friends and I got off of campus as soon as we were legally allowed. We found this absolutely beautiful apartment in Albany for $700 a month. It was HUGE and it was in a really great part of town. Divided by 3 – it was totally doable.

As this was to be my own personal space, I bought stars for my ceilings and some beads for my door. Apparently, I was a flower child in another life.

One day, when I came home everything was taken down and thrown on the floor. I thought one of my roommates did it and asked them WHY they would violate my space like that?

Neither one of them confessed.

Turns out my landlord used to come into our apartment every day to look through our stuff. TOTALLY CREEPY. During one of this walk throughs, he saw what I did to my room and didn’t like it.

PS – we also found holes in the ceiling in each of our room and believe that he used to spy on us too. Yes, it was a sick thing  — but nothing physical happened and we got out of there as soon as we could.

Why am I saying all of this? Because this is my memory that is associated with these stars. It’s unfortunate – but it’s also a thing of the past.

My children have been begging me for a stars that light up at night. BEGGING ME. Finally, I found these packs on Amazon and got them one each. We are redoing their bedrooms pretty soon to make room for baby number three and I thought this would be a really great addition. I used to love going to sleep and looking at the stars. It’s the closest I will ever get to camping in my life. LOL!

Did you ever have stars in your bedroom growing up?

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