I wear sunglasses almost every single day of my life. And it doesn’t matter the season either. I was having a conversation with a friend and she asked me if I even wear them during the winter. Um… YES! There are days I don’t want to put a full face on before heading into the world and sunglasses are my solution.

There are also days where I don’t feel like doing my hair – sunglasses are my fix for this as well. Place a fun pair on the top of your head and you are good to go!

Foster Grant is a brand that I have recently fallen in love with. There are SO MANY DIFFERENT styles to choose from – I would almost argue that there is something for everyone.

And I’m about to flip your lid – these puppies won’t break the bank. LOOK AT THE PRICES!!!



The kids were fooling around during breakfast. LOL. I love this pic of LIAM.



Be sure to visit Foster Grant to see all the styles that are available for purchase.

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