My husband placed an order for the new iPhone 5 a month ago. My arrival date was October 5th. I was all giddy with excitement practically waiting at the door. By 9PM at night on the 5th, I SWORE someone stole my phone. My husband said to give it another day – so we did. Once again, no iPhone 5.

We called up Verizon to inquire about the shipment. They said the order was canceled on September 28th!!! We were not notified of this at all. We asked WHY they would cancel the order and we were told that Apple just couldn’t fulfill the promise.

But why no notification? Isn’t that a little ridiculous? I mean – I would have preferred a delayed shipment date. Throw me into November if need be. But to CANCEL means that I am now at the BACK of the line even though I was one of the first people to get my order in. Doesn’t seem fair or logical… does it?

So now we are faced with a difficult decision. Do we try to place another order with Verizon knowing that it could just get canceled by the company on a whim? Or do we attempt to wait it out and hit the stores when Verizon gets a shipment. I can’t imagine the madness that is waiting for me there….


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